About Us

Established in 1980 as a modest greige fabric mill, MN Textiles has evolved into a pioneering force in the textile industry. Initially focusing on commodity fabrics for the US and EU markets, the company swiftly diversified its offerings to include high-quality printed and dyed fabrics by 1995. This strategic expansion laid the foundation for MN Textiles’ foray into apparel manufacturing in 1999, marking a significant milestone in its growth trajectory.

Today, MN Textiles stands at the forefront of innovation within the Pakistani textile landscape. With the acquisition of cutting-edge digital printing technology, the company has revolutionized its production capabilities, transcending the limitations of conventional machinery. This technological advancement enables MN Textiles to offer unparalleled customization options, with the ability to digitally print unlimited colors and larger repeat sizes, thereby enhancing efficiency and meeting the evolving demands of the market.

Moreover, the company’s commitment to sustainability is evident through its utilization of clean energy sources such as solar power and natural gas, as well as its adherence to international ESG standards, ensuring responsible environmental practices and regulatory compliance. With a global clientele spanning across the US, Canada, EU, South Africa, and Australia, MN Textiles continues to thrive as a leader in the textile industry, boasting a revenue exceeding $50 million and a steadfast dedication to excellence and innovation.


Vision Statement

To attain leadership in the global market as a reliable producer of innovative and quality printed, dyed fabrics and apparels from Pakistan. We hope to achieve this whilst maintaining the highest economical, ethical and environmental standards.


Mission Statement

We strive to provide quality products to our customers at a competitive price. We intend to maintain a secure and environmentally friendly place of work for our employees and to promote growth within the workplace.

We aim to present ourselves as a reliable partner to all business associates and secure a reasonable rate of return to the management.

Having started my career at merely $18 per month, the last 45 years have been slow and steady for us. However, my first investment was not in the textile industry; instead, it was in the upbringing of my children. My wife and I have strived to provide them with quality education and an up bringing that instilled in them values of integrity, dedication, hard work, and the eagerness to constantly improve themselves at whatever task may be at hand.

Today, I am proud to see these very values lying at the core of M.N Textiles. I would like to assure all our customers that working with M.N Textiles will be a very unique experience.

Message From The CEO

Having assumed the office of CEO in July 2007, I must admit that I have had an enormous responsibility to fill in the shoes of our founder, Ghulam Ahmed.

With a degree in Finance from the University of Houston, Texas, and over twenty five years of working experience in the textile industry, I have witnessed this company grow and change, but our fundamental values of integrity, dedication and hard work have endured.

We are a third generation family business that is professionally managed by people with business backgrounds and degrees in the fields of accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, supply chain and global business management from various universities in the USA.

Our values have been instilled in our committed workforce, which is devoted to providing customers with robust quality assurance and reliable on time delivery.

Based in Karachi, Pakistan, M.N Textiles strives for product development to cater to the niche market through constant Research and Development conducted in our in-house lab. I am confident in saying that we produce reactive printed fabrics unlike anyone in Pakistan. As a result, our customers consider us among some of the best printing mills in the world.

I invite you to become part of the M.N Textiles family; so you can concentrate on your side of the business while we take care of your supply needs.


At M.N Textiles, the challenges of product innovation, intricate designing and complicated printing are a norm.

With us, you can find a diverse range of product offerings that includes:
  • Pigment/Reactive/VAT/Reactive Disperse dyeing
  • Pigment/Reactive Printing
  • Digital Printing
Special finishes such as,
  • Easy care
  • Soil and stain release
  • Water repellant
  • Anti-microbial

With M.N Textiles, you will find an ethical and reliable “vendor partner” in a highly volatile business environment; with technical support in sampling, product development, and testing.