Company History

A Brief History

M.N Textiles was established in 1980 as a greige fabric mill producing commodity fabrics mainly for the US and EU markets. By 1995, the company expanded into a reputable supplier of quality printed and dyed fabrics. By the beginning of 1999, we ventured into apparel manufacturing.

From 1995 to 2003, MN converted its finished fabrics in various mills in Karachi. However, the passion to produce high end printed fabrics could not be achieved under its converting arrangements.

So in 2002, we initiated the continuation of first dedicated narrow width printing mill in Pakistan and went into production in 2004. In 2006, a complete range of dyeing machinery was added to complement our prints & apparel needs

M.N Textiles Today

We are the first textile mill in Pakistan to acquire a New Generation European Digital Printing Machine to supplement the Rotary & Flatbed printing capabilities already in place. From a maximum of 16 colours and a 2.5 meter repeat on conventional print machines, the digital has allowed us unlimited colours & repeat size capabilities. This, along with the special finishes we offer, has created exciting opportunities for our customers in their business ambitions.

M.N Textiles has followed a policy of self-reliance resulting in the generation of its own electrical power and steam from natural gas. Similarly, we process water to the technical requirements of our plant. With a turnover of over $35 million, M.N Textiles customers stretch front the US, Canada, EU, South Africa & Australia.